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Tendinitis includes overuse injuries to the wrist that can include any tendon. It is often caused by overload to the tendon from repetitive use and can cause pain and inflammation.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include numbness and tingling sensation in all the fingers except little finger; pain and burning sensation in hand and wrist that may radiate up the arm and elbow; and weakness in hand with diminished grip strength.

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Many types of fracture can affect the wrist, hand, and fingers. Many times we can treat these injuries without surgery, but on occasion, surgery is necessary to optimize a patient's outcome.


Sprains and strains are common sports injuries. Sprains are injuries caused to the ligaments (connect bone to bone), whereas strains are injuries caused to the muscles or tendons (connect muscle to bone).

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Cubital Tunnel

Cubital tunnel is a condition when the ulnar nerve (funny bone) is compressed at the elbow which can cause numbness, tingling, and even grip weakness.

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